Obtaining a Mortgage

There are over 30 qualified mortgage banks accredited by the central bank of Nigeria disbursing NHF loans and performing advisory services.

  1. Abbey Building Society
  2. Aso Saving & Loans
  3. Brent Mortgage Bank
  4. FBN Mortgages
  5. Lagos Building & Investment Company
  6. Mutual Alliance Saving & Loans
  7. New Prudential Building Society
  8. Nigeria Police Mortgage Bank
  9. Trustbond Mortgage Bank
  10. United Mortgage

Other accredited mortgage banks

The National Housing Fund 

NHF (National Housing Fund) is a scheme created by the Federal Government for Nigerian workers, to help them access flexible financing to get their own homes and is administered by the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN). 

With NHF, Nigerians can access a single-digit low interest-housing loan and utilise it for the purchase, construction, renovation or expansion of their residential buildings. It is a statutory contribution that stipulates that all Nigerians earning the minimum national wage and above, should contribute 2.5% of their basic monthly salary to the fund.